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Our Aims and Goals

Our major thrust areas are towards total eradication of 'Broad Spectrum Derma Diseases' for which we manufacture antifungal, antibacterial, antiscabies, keratolytic, antibiotic creams and lotions with effective dosage to give better treatment to the patient, in the field of derma diseases. Besides that we have also a wide range of corticosteroids with antifungal & antibacterial combinations to enhance our service to mankind to combat major derma diseases. Anti Psoriasis Drugs of School of Tropical Medicine Research Product was launched by us and we are manufacturing regularly with proven efficacy. Antibiotic, gentamicin sulphate is being manufactured in various dosages forms and gentamicin tropical lotion which is our one of the prestigious product is unique in its activity and almost zero skin toxicity.

External application requires a good penetration enhancer for better absorption of the active ingredients and ultimately it is phased out causing no skin toxicity. Cream based on urea is much helpful for Its manifold action and one such product is Urea - 10 skin cream (IP, BP) which widely used during winter season as a moisturizer along with Urea-E cream which is a combination product of Urea & Vitamin E.

We are always aiming to bring new formulation drugs to extend our fruitful service for the present and upcoming generations and to save them from Critical Derma Diseases because due to climatic change, global warming & atmospheric pollution new diseases are prone to develop in tropical countries like ours, which needs much care & research to find out proper solution and treat them scientifically.

Besides that recently our company pursuing the scientific researches on a wide range of herbal products from different natural resources to enhance our service to mankind to combat against major derma and other broad spectrum diseases. Research products have been launched by us after successful trial and one such product is Alovee gel (20% aloe vera) which widely used during winter season as a moisturizer along with Alovee-E cream which is a combination product of Aloe vera (10% aloe vera) & Vitamin E. Other prestigious products in our herbal field are an anti-inflammatory preparation namely Aloebalm and anti-flatulent and digestive preparation namely Aquajwain (Jowan Ka Ark).